This project was supported
by the Political Science program
of the National Science Foundation


Our estimates of turnout and vote choice draw on data collected for 10 states over five elections (six elections in Illinois and Kansas, where women could vote in presidential elections in 1916). In each sample state we merged census and election returns at varying levels of aggregation. All of the datasets include, at minimum, the data required to replicate the simulations: 21 and over male voters (M), 21 and over female voters (F), Republican presidential votes (R), Democratic presidential votes (D), and other party presidential votes (O). For the states where we were able to locate disaggregated data below the county level, we include the type of unit (Minor Civil Division or ward) and, if available, other data (votes by party for the Senate, House and, in some cases, Governor, as well as total ballots counted). Note that we have not verified or validated the accuracy of all of the counts for the other offices, so there may be minor errors in that data. The original sources and electronic copies of the raw data are available from the authors. Click here for a copy of the codebook (link coming soon....) The datasets are STATA format compatible with versions 11 and newer.



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