This project was supported
by the Political Science program
of the National Science Foundation

JOP replication data and source code

Corder, J. Kevin and Christina Wolbrecht. 2006. "Political Context and the Turnout of New Women Voters after Suffrage." Journal of Politics 68(1):34-49

How to replicate the results

jop_merge20.dta : Pooled census and election returns, 1920
jop_merge.24.dta : Pooled census and election returns, 1924

jop_results20.dta: Posterior medians, 1920 (turnout)
jop_results24.dta : Posterior medians, 1924 (turnout)

mcmc_pool_1920.r: R language to execute 1920 MCMC simulation
mcmc_pool_1924.r : R language to execute 1924 MCMC simulation

MCMCPack_0.3-11.tar.gz MCMCPack c.2003 : C++ code (add to /src directory)
MCMChierEXC.R : R language (add to /r directory)

kcbuild.txt : LINUX commands to install MCMChierEXC function